Careers at Intact Solutions

Intact Solutions is seeking computational engineers and software developers to help us build next generation analysis and simulation software that delivers unmatched levels of automation and simplicity of operation. We are creating easy to use software that allows real people to get real work done, and we have technology that is limited only by imagination. We have grand ideas of where our technology can grow, and we need hands and minds to help us deliver.

We are looking for a few good people who can make immediate contributions, team players, self-starters, and upbeat "can-do" personalities, all with dedication to customer service. Desired technical qualifications are listed below, but if you are passionate about software technology and feel strongly about what you can contribute to our vision and this ground-breaking opportunity, feel free to contact us. You would join a select group of highly skilled and motivated individuals working towards common success.

Most positions are located in Madison, WI, but working remotely from other locations is also possible.

Positions and Paid Internships

If you have experience programming in C++ and expertise in at least two of the areas listed here please send your CV and a brief note explaining your qualifications to

Paid internships are available if you are a student studying in one of the areas listed above.


Michael Freytag
fax: 510-550-2530